It's practical, ease of implementation, great autonomy, and enhanced safety. It's a healthier choice that's transforming beekeeping practices.

At Apisolis, we're committed to harmonizing innovation with nature, particularly for our bee friends. That's why we introduced Apisolis, a groundbreaking development in beekeeping designed to make the practice kinder to bees and simpler for beekeepers. Our mission was clear: to provide a modern alternative to traditional smokers. Through extensive research and with the invaluable assistance of seasoned beekeepers, Apisolis came to life. Featuring smoke-free technology and a user-friendly design, Apisolis simplifies the daily tasks of beekeepers and offers a healthier choice. It has already captured the hearts of countless enthusiastic beekeepers worldwide.


  • sante vaporisateur apisolis


    Vapor from molecules present in flowers foraged by bees.

    Apisolis protects you from all inhalation of toxic combustion products.

  • securite vaporisateur apisolis


    Without combustion, Apisolis therefore avoids all risks of fire.

    The temperature is automatically regulated. Steam is created only on demand.

  • confort vaporisateur apisolis


    Simple and quick to use. Turns on and off in seconds.

    Activate the bellows of the Apisolis and adjust the quantity of steam simply by pressing on the bellows.

  • reparabilite vaporisateur apisolis


    100% user serviceable tool.

    All our spare parts are available for sale on our site.

Damien Albrespy créateur d'Apisolis

For over two decades, bees have been a vital part of my life. After spending 15 years in the new technology sector, I decided to return to nature and dedicate myself to bees, leading to the creation of Beesolis. My first company aimed to spark interest in beekeeping and environmental awareness among both young and old.

Frustrated by the traditional smoker's limitations, including its cumbersome management and fire risks, I was driven to develop an alternative. With the support of experts and after three years of extensive research and development, Apisolis was created. This innovative solution overcomes the challenges of traditional smokers and is now embraced by thousands of beekeepers worldwide.

  • Damien Albrespy, beekeeper and founder of Apisolis