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Native Refill 120ML

Native Refill 120ML

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"The Apisolis 'NATIVE' solution represents a revolution in beekeeping, offering a gentle and respectful method for inspecting hives. This unique formula, specially designed for use with the Apisolis vaporizer, provides a gentle and homogeneous vapor that facilitates contact with bees while preserving their health and environment.

Natural and Bio-sourced Composition: NATIVE stands out for its innovative composition, including a bio-sourced base supplemented by two active molecules directly sourced from flowers collected by bees. This composition ensures not only great efficiency but also total safety for both bees and beekeepers.

Proven Effectiveness: With just a single 120ml bottle, NATIVE allows for an average of 250 colony visits, making each inspection easier and less stressful for the bees.

This solution is particularly suitable for non-aggressive colonies and routine inspections, contributing to more peaceful and productive beekeeping practices

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