Apisolis Vaporizer

The revolutionary electric bee smoker that redefines beekeeping, offering an innovative alternative to the traditional smoker.

Apiculteur tient un apisolis et un cadre

Discover Apisolis,

Revolutionizing beekeeping with a modern and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional smoker. This innovative tool is designed to enhance the health of both bees and beekeepers, transforming hive visits into a safer and more respectful experience.

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  • sante vaporisateur apisolis


    Vapor from active molecules present in flowers foraged by bees.

  • securite vaporisateur apisolis


    No combustion.
    Eliminates the risk of fires and burns.

  • confort vaporisateur apisolis


    Simple and quick to use. Turns on and off
    in a few seconds.

  • reparabilite vaporisateur apisolis


    100% user serviceable tool.

  • solution native pour apisolis apiculteurs

    NATIVE solution

    Patented innovation, Apisolis uses a gentle vapor from molecules present in the flowers foraged by bees, ensuring their well-being and more harmonious beekeeping.

  • apisolis vaporisateur pour apiculture alternative enfumoir

    Safety and Convenience

    Experience unparalleled beekeeping with Apisolis, where comfort and safety converge seamlessly. Designed to eliminate fire hazards and simplify hive inspections, Apisolis is the top choice for beekeepers prioritizing both their safety and the well-being of their bees.

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